We’re helping nonprofit organizations around the world raise more and modernize with next-generation fundraising tools.

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Easy to Use

A modern, user-friendly interface enables your entire team to navigate and use powerful tools with ease. Your experience with Funraise is a priority for our team.

funraise seamless fundraising

Save time and resources managing campaigns from one seamless platform. Send automated emails based on your donation activity and build fundraising websites from the same place you manage donations.

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Modern Tools

From online embeddable giving forms to automated wealth screening, you’ll have access to some of the most advanced, yet user-friendly fundraising tools.

funraise built for growth
Built for Growth

Ready to grow your donor base? Whether you've got 100 donors or 1 million, you're now ready to service them all easily. Our world-class infrastructure is designed with your growth in mind - easily deploy sites quickly to increase your reach and get the message out at a moment's notice.

fundraising integratrions funraise

Funraise plays nicely with others. You've already got tools that you love to use so we've integrated with some of your favorites like SalesForce, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and more.

funraise nonprofit fundraising customization

Funraise is a customizable platform. Whether it’s adding images to a donation page or building your own donor tracking reports, you’ll have complete control of how you create, launch, and manage your fundraising.

International Giving

We make it easy to collect donations from around the world, allowing you to charge donors in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. We even accept crypto currencies!

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"During our first ever crowdfunding campaign, which was built on the Funraise platform, we raised more in one month ($244,000) vs. our entire previous year"

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Amelia Beloved Atlanta

"Everything we used or tested prior to Funraise was a compromise on features or cost. Half way through our initial meeting we were sold and haven't looked back."

funraise customer
Sean Krochet Kids intl.

"Since we’ve turned on automated emails five months ago, we’ve been able to bring back $42,000 in recurring annual revenue."

funraise customer
Abby Liberty in North Korea
Incredible support

We provide live chat, phone, and email support at no extra cost to your team. Founded by nonprofit practitioners and staffed with nonprofit all-stars, Funraise is different because we've been in your shoes and we know just what you need. Our experience and shared enthusiasm translates to your success.