Wealth Screening

Know a donor's capacity before you ask them to make a donation.

See donor wealth scores

Wealth scoring allows you to solicit donations with confidence. View a donor's gift capacity and propensity to give before you ask.

donor wealth screening

Create capacity segments

Put wealth screening information into action to create audience segments, allowing for more targeted and effective communications.

donor wealth screening

Fundraise smarter.

wifi_tethering Automatic Wealth Screenings

Every donation activates an advanced wealth scoring search to surface key data such as net worth, income, and gift capacity.

assignment_ind Only Pay For What You Get

Wealth screening fees only apply to successful matches. That means you will only be charged when you actually receive a donor’s wealth data. Screenings can be turned on or off at anytime.

filter_list Report on Wealth Data

Use wealth data filters to build smarter donor segments and portfolios based on donor capacity.

Do you know the giving capacity of your donors?

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