T-Shirts Grant

Receive a grant for 500 gorgeously designed, sellable-quality t-shirts to spread your mission.

Neatly folded pile of bright colored yellow blue green and pink tshirts
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July 31st, 2018

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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

providing you with 500 professionally designed and printed high-quality t-shirts from Povertees. ...Giving you an extra-special way for supporters to show off your name. ...Meaning you get the dual benefits of promotion and revenue.

Who doesn't need t-shirts?

It's been a tradition since forever that nonprofits need t-shirts. They're an easy way for supporters to show their nonprofit love and oftentimes are a staple of an organization's revenue. Here's the thing: These aren't your average tees—Povertees are the kind of high-quality stuff that supporters jump to get their hands on.


We're looking for an organization who plans to use eye-catching, expertly designed shirts to spread the word of their mission, raise funds, and create a sense of inclusion and cohesion within their team. If your team has been wishing they could wear matching shirts, this grant is for you.

T-Shirts Grant

Spread your nonprofit's name, raise funds, and create a sense of cohesion within your team—using t-shirts.

MOO Promotional Grant

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