Collect donations. Anytime, anywhere.

Transact in seconds from the palm of your hand.

Funraise Reader is a mobile credit card reader that fits in the palm of your hand. Easily insert, tap, or swipe a card and Reader will communicate with the Funraise app on your own phone or tablet, enabling donations in seconds. Donations sync with your Funraise platform, updating event progress bars, donation feeds, automated emails, tax receipts, and more.

The Funraise Reader was built in partnership with PayPal so your donors will experience a proven, trusted, and secure in-person donation process.




A powerful portal to
your fundraising world.

Quickly access or add supporters

Apply donations to existing supporters or add new donors in seconds.

Live event progress bar

Connect Reader to a campaign site and display a live donation progress bar and activity feeds.

Connected fundraising

Easily switch between Giving Forms and use the Giving Form API to display Reader activity.

Transact in seconds

Accept all major credit cards and see your donations in Funraise instantly.

"The Readers from Funraise are fantastic. Not only are they simple to use and come along with amazing customer support, but having the option to take credit cards at our in-person events has opened up a new stream of creative fundraising for us."

Todd Hiestand, Associate Director of Development
Compassion First

"When people saw their donations and names update live on the screen, it created an experience everyone wanted to be a part of. Thanks to the simplicity of Funraise technology, over 70% of our guests participated in giving, allowing us to surpass our ambitious fundraising goal in less than 15 minutes."

John Mooney, Director of Finance & Operations
Liberty in North Korea

"Intuitive, user-friendly. Made it easier for people to donate. Donations via credit card were 3-5 times larger than in previous years."

Elise Dugger, Associate Director, Center for Civic Engagement
YMCA of Middle Tennessee