This is your moment​.

Nonprofit organizations are developing some of the most effective and impactful solutions to humanity's most pressing problems. Funraise wants to be your cheerleader, making it easier on you to make the world a better place.

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Nonprofits have non-negotiable costs like rent, insurance, salaries, and stuff.

You deserve a power boost

It's time nonprofits were empowered with tools that for-profits take for granted: cutting-edge technology, beautiful office space, branding and security consulting, and, yes, pizza parties.

It's the strangest thing... when we told our partners what we wanted to do—provide for nonprofits' everyday needs—they got it. They helped us set up grants to deliver exactly what you need. And in true Funraise style, we've made the application process as straightforward and painless as a breath of fresh air.

Nonprofits are no longer the underdogs. You're the leaders.

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