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For those practical things nonprofits need but have a hard time convincing the board to approve.

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Grant Categories

Just like any business, your nonprofit needs working capital. It takes money to make money, or in your case, impact. We want to help you double down on your mission's growth.

$25,000 Capital Grant

Swim around in a pool of cash, Scrooge McDuck-style.

High Net Worth Pitch Grant

We'll set you up to nail a face-to-face meeting with a philanthropist bigwig.

Proof of Concept Grant

We're ready to (angel) invest in your next big idea.

We know you've got a perfectly good, only slightly sticky laptop that still works with AOL, but how 'bout switching it out for up-to-the-minute technology so you can approach your mission strategically?

Apple Technology Grant

We'll give you $25,000 of Apple products. 'Nuff said.

RoundUp App Grant

Get donors to ditch the change—those pennies add up fast!

Funraise for Free Grant

Your all-in-one nonprofit fundraising platform, freeeee for life.

If you're gonna change the world, you need tools to make it happen on your terms. That means technology you can count on, space to get it done, and a place to rest when you actually sit down.

Office Space Grant

Get your rent paid for a light and bright WeWork office space with amenities galore!

Recruitment Grant

A pro recruiter will find the best people to work toward your vision.

Wealth Screenings Grant

Give your donor database a power boost of 100,000 wealth screenings.

Donor Analysis Grant

Have a pro give you the down-low on your donors' Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

When the world sees your true colors, your nonprofit's mission comes into sharp focus, becoming credible, fair, realistic, and therefore reachable. Doable. Transform the way you speak to your supporters and beyond.

Brand Marketing Strategy Grant

Work with an expert to present your best face to the world.

Photojournalism Grant

Images resonate in a way that words just can't. Tell your story through photos and videos.

Digital Ads Grant

Funding to share your work with the world, plus consulting help to execute.

Not to be materialistic, but sometimes physical stuff is good to have on hand. When you have your entire staff outfitted in eye-catching t-shirts, for example, the world sees a nonprofit that has its act together.

T-Shirts Grant

Spread your nonprofit's name, raise funds, and create a sense of cohesion within your team—using t-shirts.

MOO Promotional Grant

TFW you own the calling card game.


Special thanks to our partners and companies that believe in and support the nonprofit community.

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