Donor CRM

Ready-to-use donor management tools built specifically for nonprofit organizations to maximize and retain their donors.

Robust supporter profiles

Access your donor profiles to view their giving history and details like recurring donations, demographic data, interactions, and more. Need to make a change to their account? That's easy too!

donor management platform

Smart reporting tools

Optimize your campaigns with easy reporting. Creating audience segments is a breeze with simple filter selections built for nonprofits. For example, filter on "last donation date" or "giving capacity."

donor management platform

Manage donors with dynamic segments

Create dynamic lists of supporters based on parameters you control. Track the progress of retention or fundraising initiatives.

donor management platform

Create donor portfolios

Assign donors to your portfolio and build personal relationships that sustain giving. Each donor relationship manager can have their own portfolio of donors.

donor management platform

Log interactions

Log every interaction with a supporter for more detailed and informed relationship tracking.

donor management platform

Nonprofit donor management.
Like woah.

cloud_done Easy Migrations

Migrate your historic donor database and current recurring donors into one seamless donor management tool built for nonprofit fundraising.

swap_horiz Soft Credits

Add soft credits to donations and keep track of how personal relationships and networks are impacting your fundraising efforts.

business Institutions

Sometimes a donor is not a real person, but a company or affiliate group. These institutions can have their own profile with a contact for a real person.

share Social Screening

Social data is surfaced directly on a donor profile. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

wifi_tethering In-Platform Wealth Screening

See the giving capacity of your donors with leading wealth reporting technology.

send Retention Emails

Send automated emails with the right message, to the right supporter, at the right time.

autorenew Recurring Donors

Manage your recurring donor subscriptions and update credit cards right from the donor profile.

local_offer Supporter Tags

Advanced tagging allows you to easily identify the campaigns and giving forms that your supporters responded to. Tag information can be used to quickly and easily build lists, run reports, track A/B testing, and more.

receipt Yearly Donation Summary

Send your donors their yearly tax summary receipt, before they come asking for it, with a customizeable automated email.

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