Donation Tasks

Maintaining relationships with your donors has never been easier. Relationship owners can create tasks for themselves so they never miss a chance to interact with donors.

Easy task management

Tasks can be automatically created based on a specific type of donation. Each task generated will appear for the assigned team member.

donor management platform

Your own to-do list

Your fundraising to-do list is simple to use and automatically generated.

donor management platform

Auto donor assignments

Assign a task or an entire donor relationship by sending donors to a portfolio based on the parameters of their donations.

donor management platform

Interaction tracking

Completed tasks can also appear as an interaction directly on the supporter profile.

donor management platform

Manage your team's tasks

See and manage your entire fundraising team's tasks from a filterable report.

donor management platform

No more sticky notes.

assignment Automated Task Rules

Create task rules based on donation parameters you control.

check_box Organize Follow-up

Organize your donor follow-up and track it all from one easy-to-use automated task tool.

timer Track Response Time

Swift response times build trust and strengthen relationships with your donors. Easily view the response times for your team and identify actions to be taken to keep your donors satisfied.

group_add Portfolio Assignments

Donors can be automatically assigned to yourself or a team member based on the parameters of their donations.

comment Task to Interaction

A completed task can appear as an interaction on the donor's profile to keep track of each step in the relationship.

search Search Tasks

Search all of your tasks with smart filters. For example, find tasks assigned to a specific team member or tasks that were created yesterday.

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