Donation Management

Manage every donation, no matter the payment type, with an easy-to-use and robust donation manager.

Manage every donation, no matter the source.

Now you can easily search and manage your donations, regardless of their source. Whether you're accepting donations in cash, checks, credit cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin you'll be able to view them all in our easy-to-use reporting tool.

donor management platform

Complete donation profiles

Edit and manage each donation in detail. Add the donation to a fundraising page, change the allocation, and more.

donor management platform

Easy donation reporting

Create reports with filtering methods built for nonprofit donations. For example, filter by recurring or pledge.

donor management platform

Create dynamic reports

Create reports based on your custom parameters. When a donation meets these parameters, it will be added to the report.

donor management platform

Donation follow-up

When a donation enters a specific report, you can create an automated task for yourself or a member of your team.

donor management platform

Manage donations like a boss.

call_split Allocations

Allow donors to choose how they would like their donation to be used. Create unique allocations and track goals.

local_offer Donation Tags

Keep things organized and track performance by adding tags to donations.

redo Refund

Refunds can be handled quickly and seamlessly inside the platform, no need to log into merchant services.

flag Pledge Management

Track donation pledges, create reports on outstanding pledges, create follow-up tasks and mark pledges as they're received.

devices Fundraising Page Goals

Easily add donations to your fundraising website progress bar or to a specific fundraiser's page.

desktop_mac URL Reporting

Track the performance of your donation landing pages to optimize your content and analyze which URLs are performing best.

Take your donation management to the next level with automated tasks and donation analytics.

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