Donation Analytics

Reveal trends in donor behavior and monitor your fundraising performance.
Your data. Visualized.

Your entire team can see the performance and health of your most important fundraising metrics from one place.

funraise donation analytics
Live donation feeds

Watch donation activity feeds and monitor fundraising revenue by week, month, and year.

funraise donation analytics
Understand website performance

See which pages on your own website are converting the most donations or which pages have the highest average donation.

funraise donation analytics
Expiring card report

See potential loss reports for recurring cards that will expire within 90 days and take action with a prebuilt retention email campaign.

funraise donation analytics
Use your own data to make better decisions.
call_mergeTrack Revenue Sources

See year-to-date and 30-day performance of your one-time, recurring, and offline revenue sources.

trending_upTrack Donation Forms

See the performance of each donation form you create. Set goals and track progress per form.

devicesYear-Over-Year Reports

See how your current fundraising performance compares with last year, using year-over-year, and month-over-month visual reports.

Want to create your own custom reports to track specific types of donations, donors, or fundraisers? You can do that too!