Gather and move supporters to action with flexible crowdfunding features.

nonprofit online fundraising website

Gather and move supporters to action with seamless and flexible crowdfunding features.

Peer to peer campaigns are an essential modern fundraising tool. We believe a passionate student can be just as impactful to your mission as your high rolling donors. Fundraisers become an extension of your organization, marching toward your shared vision, bringing their networks along for the ride. Peer to peer online fundraising has raised billions around the world. This is what Funraise Crowdfunding makes possible for your organization.

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nonprofit online fundraising

Enable supporters around the world to create their own campaign pages to collect donations towards your goal.

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Beautifully effective pages and donation experiences for your supporters on the go.

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See all your fundraisers and teams working together as one.

nonprofit online fundraising website

Are your supporters fundraising online for you?

Funraise non profit fundraising website