We believe in the future of nonprofit fundraising and we build tools to make it a reality.


Funraise was started by Cofounders Justin, Jason, and Tony while they were working together at a nonprofit organization. Together we had over 15 years of nonprofit experience and had raised millions online, but we were continually spending significant resources to implement technology solutions for our fundraising ideas. We were using several platforms to essentially do one thing: fundraise online.

We knew there was a better way to do it, so we started building it. We faced nonprofit fundraising problems during the day and solved them at night. We implemented Funraise features in the real world as they were being developed, simply because we needed it.

After making the Funraise platform available to everyone, we’ve continued to build Funraise because we believe in the potential of dreamers (YOU) to share their ideas and build movements to fund them. We believe in the donor who is willing to stand with movements to see a mission accomplished.

We create the most exceptional, innovative, and friendly nonprofit fundraising technology at a fee every organization can afford.

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