Brand Marketing Strategy Grant

Apply to get a super professional, legit audit of your communications strategy by expert Charles Lee at !deation.

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July 31st, 2018

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This grant will advance your nonprofit by...

getting bonafide marketing expert Charles Lee to consult with you on your brand strategy, including auditing your social media, email marketing, and events. He'll help you come up with a workable digital strategy to present your best face to the world.

Show the world your true colors.

Charles Lee, CEO of !deation, specializes in helping brands scale their work by effectively integrating their digital strategy into day-to-day execution. Basically, he knows what it takes to activate your brand’s potential so you can show the world who you really are (which is funding awesome).


Are you doing something awesome that you need help communicating to your supporters? Charles is truly an expert in the field of !deation and execution; you'll qualify for his help if you need help spreading your message to the right people in the right places.

Brand Marketing Strategy Grant

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